March Tracks – Mint Plus Plus Playlist 2019

Each month, we add 10 tracks to our ongoing Spotify playlist titled Mint Plus Plus Mixtape

The spirit of our mix tape is to share music with friends, so, for this month's song notes, we asked our friend Dan from @TheDiscoverTab to choose 10 tracks he has been listening to in March and we wrote some quick thoughts on each. Keep scrolling to read them.

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March Tracks

Song selections by Dan of @TheDiscoverTab. Song notes by Richard from Mint Plus Plus.

Low Dose - For Sure (2019)

This Low Dose track is more abrasive than most of the recent grunge revival bands, which I really dig. It nails those sneering, heavy vibes without veering too far into hard rock or punk. Thick, beefy grunge!

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Mess - Dead Space (2019)

I had never heard Mess before but I'm immediately on board. The vocals have a certain lilt that reminds me of another band I liked that broke up last year, so this is kind of like getting a new, similar looking cat after your old one kicks the bucket.

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Real Life Buildings - The Setting (2019)

I'm a big fan of Real Life Buildings. It's everything I like about indie rock swirled into one band. Sadly, I believe the group has broken up and are releasing this 3rd album posthumously.

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Shelf Life X Teenage Bed - Rendez Vous (2019)

I think Shelf Life and Teenage Bed are two different acts that collaborated on this track/album? Whatever the situation, this is very nice, chill indie music that reminds me of the softer indie rock of the early 2010s for some reason.

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CHAI - Choose Go! (2019)

I feel like I've been transported into a video game inside of a Dreamworks movie playing on a projector at a SoCal twee-punk show and it feels good.

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Wyatt Smith - Trash (2019)

Something about the percussion on this and the nonchalant vocals reminds me of Primitive Radio Gods' 'Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand' (but a much cooler, laid back version). I may be the only person who hears this.

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Cabana Wear - Get Well (2019)

Simple, assured fuzzy pop music is all I really want or need. Thank you, Cabana Wear.

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Shady Bug - Make It Up (2019)

This song has it all. Jangly guitars. Fuzzy guitars. Faster parts. Slower parts. And it's on an awesome record label.

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Indoor Pets - Being Strange (2019)

This is another track that reminds me of the early 2010s for some reason. The vocals are a little bit like those of Girls and there is a groovy smoothness to the main hooks that also transport me to that general era.

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Ronnie Rogers - Leaning On (2019)

Dan thought he could sneak in a track by Shady Bug AND a solo track by a member of Shady Bug and that I wouldn't read the credits for both songs and call him out on it. He probably thought that because I didn't tell him he couldn't put two songs by bands with shared members. This doesn't have as much jangle as the Shady Bug track but I think I dig it a little more.

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