February Tracks - Mint Plus Plus Playlist 2019

Each month, we add 10 tracks to our ongoing Spotify playlist titled Mint Plus Plus Mixtape

The spirit of our mix tape is to share music with friends, so, for this month's song notes, we decided to ask our friend Dan from @TheDiscoverTab to listen to our picks and write some quick thoughts. Keep scrolling to read them.

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February Tracks

Song notes by Dan of @TheDiscoverTab

The National - Dark Side of the Gym (2017)

The National have always been one of those bands that I was unable to get into the way everyone else did; I just wasn't going wild over their albums the same way as everyone else it seemed. This song is nice, though! I should give them some more chances, I think.

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Charly Bliss - Capacity (2019)

The previous Charly Bliss album was such a huge album for me - I feel like they were releasing singles for over a year and with every one I could tell the record was going to be a banger. It's so damn good - I really dig the new single from their upcoming record. A lot of bands attempt to do the 80s throwback, or try and go synth-led and have a hard time nailing down that sound. Charly Bliss sound more than capable and I am so excited to hear more singles.

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John Vanderslice - I'll Wait For You (2019)

John Vanderslice is one of those names that I've heard over and over but never actually listened to any of their music. I don't think this is what I expected - I think the name John Vanderslice made me expect a solo-guitarist virtuoso showing off or something. This is really cool though, I love the backing vocals the the production is unreal. I think I have to go listen to more Vanderslice now.

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Ben Kweller - Heart Attack Kid (2019)

OK so the fine folks at Mint Plus Plus recently let me know that by not having listened to any Ben Kweller that I was doing myself a disservice. Hey, turns out it's true! This new single is mighty catchy and now I'm super addicted to Ben's first album.

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Jessica Lea Mayfield - Offa My Hands (2017)

This is another new one to me and I absolutely love the tone of the solo here - and what stunning voice. This is right up my alley, light and sunny pop production but with a good amount of indie-pop and dream-pop elements bouncing around in there. Wonderful!

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Ozma - The Ups and Downs (2000)

OK so let's go back in time to March 23, 2001 at the Warehouse in Toronto for a second. I'm 15 (turning 16 in November) and I'm in line for The Ataris and Lagwagon. Someone I don't know walks up to me and hands me a flier - it says OZMA on it. I think this was around the time they won a vote to open for Weezer. I didn't know this though, so I go "What do they sound like?" and they say "Like Weezer but BETTER!" and because I was a huge Blue / Pinkerton fan at this point I go "NO ONE IS BETTER THAN WEEZER." Anyway, I ended up getting pretty into this Ozma record shortly after, so there's that.

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Forth Wanderers - Nevermine (2018)

This Forth Wanderers record was a huge one for me last year - it really hits this sweet melancholic spot for me while still being super super catchy and melodic. It's a pretty perfect balance they walk here.

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Superdestroyer - Michael Bolton (2019)

This Superdestroyer song makes me think of The Front Bottoms but in a more lo-fi bedroom DIY kind of way. It also reminds me of that Rat Kid Cool record. This track isn't for me but I appreciate what it's going for!

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Sheer - Glimpse (2019)

Sheer - I believe that I have heard their Psychic Quarry EP now that I look at their albums. I remember that one being quite eclectic but having a back-bone of that fuzzy buzzy kind of sound. This new track sounds very leaned-into that chiming-clean guitars and reverb-tinged vocals, but by the end of the track they bring in some noisey elements. It's a sound you've heard before but this is really, really well executed and produced. I'll give the full-length some time when it comes out for sure.

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Weezer - High as a Kite (2019)

Oh, hey, it's Weezer now. I loved the White Album and thought Pacific Daydream was... garbage. The singles from the Black Album have been utter trash, but this one isn't so bad; a light piano ballad that soars into its chorus and steers away from River's more embarrassing tendencies. I still think the Black Album is going to suck. Get back to me when that "Van Weezer" stuff starts happening and we'll see where I'm at.

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