Charity Pin Raffle for RAICES Texas

Hello pin and music collectors!

It's time to take action, so, we are raffling off a set of 22 rare 'misprint' enamel pins to raise money for RAICES Texas, a great organization that helps separated families, detained families, unaccompanied minors, and others who are seeking asylum in the United States.

Turning a Negative into a Positive

Earlier this year, I hired a company to make 300 pins featuring our original music themed designs. Long story short, the company produced very poor quality pin samples and offered very poor customer service. In the end, I canceled the order and lost over $300 that I’ll never get back.

Thanks to our growing platform as a new pin company, we are fortunate enough to be able to turn this negative experience into a positive one. With your help, we would like to raise $300 in donations to RAICES Texas. Let's turn our financial loss into a moral and ethical gain for a great cause!

How to Enter Raffle and Donate

To enter the raffle, visit and make a direct donation of $10 or more. We will award you 1 raffle ticket for each $10 that you donate. To confirm your entry, simply forward the confirmation email receipt (as seen below) to us at

Here are the steps to enter the raffle, to recap:

1. Visit and click on the Donate link.

2. Make a direct donation of $10 or more.

3. Forward your confirmation email receipt (as seen in the image above) to us at We will confirm your entry and confirm the # of tickets you will receive.

Note: You must live in the United States to win. You can still donate to RAICES Texas and help us reach our $300 goal but we will not be able to ship the prize to you if you live outside the United States.

We will not receive any money through this raffle. All your donations will go directly to RAICES Texas. As it should be!

Choosing the Winners

Winners will be drawn and chosen at random on Friday, July 12th at 11:59pm.

One grand prize winner will receive the full set of 22 pin samples.

Two runner up winners will receive a $5 coupon that can be used toward a purchase of any of our pins, stickers, or other shop items.

More About the Grand Prize

The 22 pin set features a mixture of hard enamel and soft enamel pins in an assortment of 3 music themed designs (cassette tape, compact disc, and vinyl record). As mentioned, the overall quality on these pins are very poor, however, there are a few that are in OK condition.

We later produced these designs in a larger size with slightly changed details (with a much better company!) but these samples are the only copies that exist in this size and in this exact iteration of the design. In that way, they are very unique and rare defects that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you win the pins, you can wear them, give them to friends, or destroy them in a safe, fun way that Mint Plus Plus claims no liability over. :-)

Thank you for helping us raise donations and good luck! Please feel free to share this with friends and fellow collectors!

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