January Tracks – Mint Plus Plus Playlist 2019

Each month, we add 10 tracks to our ongoing Spotify playlist titled Mint Plus Plus Mixtape.

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January Tracks

Pedro the Lion – Clean Up (2019)

I saw David Bazan’s Pedro the Lion live in 2004 and, halfway through their set, Bazan asked the crowd if they had any questions. Someone shouted out “Do you believe the biblical texts are still relevant?” Bazan, a former Christian, answered the question sincerely. To this day, that was the only formal Q&A I’ve ever witnessed at an indie rock concert.

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Reel Big Fish – You Can’t Have All of Me (2019)

My cousins and I all played baseball as teenagers. Once, one of my high school teammates ended up playing a random weekend game with one of my cousins and said “Hey, are you Richard’s cousin?” My cousin replied “Yeah” and then, for some reason, he added “Man, Richard listens to that ska shit.” I’m pretty sure my cousin said that because, several years earlier, he had seen a copy of Reel Big Fish’s Why Do They Rock So Hard? CD in my room.

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Sammy Lanzetta – Toothbrush Song (2017)

I discovered that my cat likes to lick our toothbrushes after they’ve been used and are still wet. I find it disgusting, so now I leave the room while she does it.

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White Light – Space Mountain (2017)

If you go on Space Mountain at Disneyland and, at the end of the attraction, you hold up a stack of $1 bills and give a smug pose right as the ride photo is taken, they will *not* display the photo on the monitors at the exit. I learned this the hard way.

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All Dogs – That Kind of Girl (2015)

I don’t know how accurate they are but I have memories of seeing All Dogs Go to Heaven in the theater as a child about 4 different times and, one of those times, it was Oliver and Company.

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Julia Jacklin – Head Alone (2019)

I heard someone say that people with the same first and last initial have a higher probability of making it into an ivy league school. I would like to amend this non-fact-checked statement to include “…or release a surprisingly realized and confident debut album called Don’t Let the Kids Win”. This track is the lead single from Jacklin’s much anticipated follow up coming out in February.

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Frog – Journey to the Restroom (2018)

If you’re not deep into the rabbit hole that is indie tape label Twitter, you might have missed Frog’s outstanding 2018 album Whatever We Probably Already Had It. Thankfully, you read blog articles on enamel pin websites though and can now enjoy this excellent set of songs.

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Sharon Van Etten – Seventeen (2019)

Sharon Van Etten was a featured musical performer on the revival season of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks in 2017. #TwinPeaksFacts

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Better Oblivion Community Center – Exception to the Rule (2019)

I had a work friend tell me about one of her kids’ friends named Phoebe who was a great up-and-coming musician. I said I’d check her out but I never did. Then, a year later, some random cool blog shared a song by a great up-and-coming musician named Phoebe Bridgers and I clicked play and listened to the track and realized it was the same Phoebe. My work friend was cool before any of us. (Phoebe Bridgers is in this band alongside Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst.)

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The Stereo – Get Set for Sound (2001)

If you haven’t already, please go back and listen to The Stereo. That is all.

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